IS0 9001:2015

Clause 7.5.2 Documented information - Creating and updating

Organisations are required by ISO 9001:2015 to ensure when creating and updating documented information, that the following requirements are met:

  1. Have suitable identification and description (EG. Title, date, author, / reference number)
  2. Relevant format (EG: Language, software version, graphics) and media (paper, electronic)
  3. Appropriate review and approval for suitability and adequacy.


Whilst there is no specified requirement for a documented procedure on the control of documented information, many organisations will benefit from such an approach to ensure adequate control and consistency when introducing a new management system.

Audit Check:

When reviewing "Relevant format," auditors may look for consideration of the intended use of the document and who will be using it. IE: Organisations with a multi-cultural workforce may find either paper based or electronic pictorial work instructions at the point of use, more appropriate than text based documents in multiple languages.

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