OpEx Process Improvements

Operational Excellence can make real quantifiable improvements to the efficiency of an organisations operations, and the quality of its product or services outputs.

Doing the Gemba Walk!

The cultural shift required in order to embed improved ways of working is often overlooked when introducing process improvements. Without the full understanding and engagement of senior Leadership new, improved methods of working, can slip back into the old ways, and the whole process fall into disrepute.

I can work with you to put in place the basic structures such as Gemba Walks to enable you to ensure OpEx becomes “the way we do things around here…”

What gets measured, gets improved…

After aligning operational objectives and Key Performance Indicators with strategic goals, OpEx methodology can be then used to eliminate identified key areas for improvement such as:

  • Unused Creativity of the workforce
  • Production of defective products or services
  • Excess inventory
  • Over production
  • Lost time due to waiting
  • Excess motion when working
  • Unnecessary transportation
  • Over processing

These potential areas for improvement, often termed as wastes, (as they do not add value which your customer is willing to pay for,) can be tackled using a variety of appropriate OpEx tools. Process Mapping can quickly identify problematic workflows. Poka-yoke devices, (a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing”) can eliminate defects being passed on, and Single Minute Exchange of Dies or “SMED” can literally transform changeover times.

The 5S workplace organisation tool is often the best place to start any OpEx journey however, as it provides a clean canvas on which to build further improvements. I can provide 5S training in the form of an interactive workshop with both employees and management on an initial pilot area. You can then replicate the process across all areas of the business as you embark on your OpEx journey.

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